Your Own AI-

Make every employee achieve Greater and Faster with their own Personalized AI Assistant.

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Reimagining Workplace Collaboration.

Built for the teams of the future, Zella ensures every team member has all the required information at fingertips.

Information access

Instant Insights Anytime

Get access to hidden information & insights in seconds. Zella is available 24X7 to expose any information.

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data analysis

Precise Data Synthesis

Transform Raw Information into Clear, Actionable Insights in Seconds to stay ahead of the competition.

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AI Assistant

Secure By Design

Get all the benefits of AI without compromising on Privacy & security of your data.

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Build For All Teams

Empowering every employee with AI to better align them with organization’s goals.

Founders & CXOs

Accelerate Your Vision: Boost Productivity, Amplify Sales. Champion your relentless drive for execution.


Seal Every Deal: Equip Your Sales Team with Key Insights from Calls, CRM, and Emails for Peak Conversions.

Product & Engineering

Unlock Your Product's Potential & Illuminate the path forward. Understand Usage, Prioritize Features, Decode Feedback.

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Let's get to the Future

Don't stay behind the curve. Adopt Zella AI and setup your company for the Future.

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Reimagine Product Development.

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