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Use AI to List, Prioritize, and Enhance Product Features from Raw Customer Interactions.

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Zella AI keeps track of all Customer interactions and ensures that you never miss out on even the minutest details.

Sales Agent
Product Manager
What were the top requested features from customers over the last 90 days?
Voice and Tone Customization and Content Collaboration are the most requested features
What's the development status of each of these?
Voice and Tone Customization was completed last month. Content Collaboration is currently being worked upon and expected completion date is Friday.
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Generate Feature List using AI in Minutes

  • I can analyze thousands of hours of audio calls in minutes.
  • I can Vet Clean, Group, Tag & Prioritize thousands of Requests objectively.
  • I can do this day after day, 24 X 7 without any manual intervention.
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what can i do for you

Find Hidden Product Gaps

Use AI to analyze customer interactions & List Product Gaps.

Prioritize Product Features using AI, without manual intervention.

Never miss out on any customer request with automatic tagging.

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Open Revenue

Let Customers drive your Product Roadmap.

Helps Sales Close More Deals. Period.

Open Upsell Opportunities & Reduce Churn.

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Accurate. Secure. Private.

Get Accurate & Descriptive Customer Analysis.

Built with latest security tools to ensure your Knowledge is Secured.

Get minutest permissions over data access using Advanced Data Controls.

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One Solution,
Multiple Benefits.

Not just Product, but keep the entire Organization in sync.

Find Product Gaps
Use AI to analyze raw Customer Interactions & find Product Gaps. Without any manual intervention!Learn More
Feature Prioritization
Fast Track Product Development
Status Updates At Fingertips
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